Feel at home .... Far from home!


The passion for this work dates back to around 1950 when Silvio and Josephine decided to rent the restaurant " Al Cacciatore " which soon became the gathering place for the local people.

Around the early ' 60 the decision to build a small house in the north east of the farm Filzi , after the passion of the activity performed at the restaurant joined the initiative and the courage of his son Franco led to the sudden transformation of the residential building in a small pension .

Continue based works made ​​year after year , the most welcoming structure , acquiring an increasingly large and loyal clientele.

An 'other important turning point came in 1975 when Franco Iole and decided to get married and give birth to little Max .

The skill of " mom Iole " in the kitchen and the " sympathy local" Dad Franco succeeded , in spite of the seasons a bit ' difficult to take off the " Pineta " and in the mid ' 80 the couple decided to implement a further restructuring of ' hotel , making it suitable to the needs of the guests.

Following the work directly and actively taking part in it , and Iole Franco continued their "adventure" until December 2005.

Since January 2006, the management is in the hands of his son Massimo , thanks to the precious teachings , sometimes not without heated arguments , carries on the tradition of his small hotel .


A special thanks to all the customers who continue with their claims of affection make us proud every day to do this job with utmost dedication and with the typical warmth of a big family.

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